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Simply Unique Ceremonies

Weddings, Vow Renewals and Naming Ceremonies

The Wedding of Your Dreams!

As an independent modern celebrant I can help you to have a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal  ceremony which is all about you! A ceremony that expresses your personalities. You don't need to be tied to tradition or follow a script. You can choose where, when and how. Choose your own words (or I can help), choose your venue, music, personalised vows and even include family, friends and even your dog within your ceremony.

Your Day

Ceremonies can be performed at anytime, including evenings and can be conducted indoors or outdoors. Your chosen venue doesn’t have to be licensed for weddings; you can have your ceremony in a woodland, on a beach, a favourite place or even your own home or garden. The choice is yours. I can also perform personalised ceremonies at licensed wedding venues if required. 

You might also have considered exchanging symbolic gifts, handfasting, unity candles or the exchanging of roses as part of the ceremony. There are so many choices when you step away from the norm!

 What about a Themed Ceremony for your Wedding or Vow renewal

Are you into Fairy Tales, Star Wars, Country and Western, Zombies! Just tell me what you want and we'll work on it together! I'll dress up to fit with your theme! Depending what it is, obviously!

Naming Ceremonies

What is a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony is where you choose to name your child or children in a celebration with family and friends. It is similar to a Christening but generally without any religious content. A naming ceremony can be a really nice way to mark the arrival of a new baby, adopted child or children into the family. The naming ceremony can be used to welcome the blending of two families where two parents come together with children from previous marriage.